Apples and Pome Fruit


Screen™ Duo can reduce the incidence of sunburn up to 50 percent when applied before the onset of high temperatures. Changes in canopy architecture can expose pome fruit to light under high temperature; Screen™ Duo must be applied before the fruit becomes exposed.


Typical sunburn damage in the more susceptible varieties runs around 20 percent of total yield.

screen duo can reduce sunburn damage


to apples and other pome fruits by at least 50 percent of untreated, providing a value of 10 percent of total crop yield.

Method 1: Apply Screen Duo at 50 kg/ha before conditions favorable for sunburn (high temperatures and light) in water at between 2.5 and 5 percent weight to volume (for details, click here). Spray to near drip.

 • Make additional applications at 7-14 day intervals to maintain an
   adequate film on expanding fruit and foliage.


Method 2: Apply Screen Duo at 25 kg/ha at or just after petal fall, in sufficient water to provide coverage to near drip.

 • Make additional applications of 12.5 kg/ha at 7-14 day intervals to
   maintain a film on foliage and developing fruit.


Special pear instructions: Applications of Screen Duo can be made pre-bloom at 7-10 day intervals to reduce damage due to low temperatures.

 • Applications protect bark, twigs, and swelling flower buds.


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