Managing Environmental Stress - The Next Frontier in Crop Productivity


Environmental stresses are estimated to cause 50-60% of all losses in today’s agriculture.


These methods allow us to design highly targeted solutions that significantly reduce crop losses to a wide range of environmental stressors (including cold, heat, light, drought and salinity).


Our science-based approach harnesses plants' natural stress coping mechanisms to improve crop productivity and identifies specific molecules that prepare a plant's key stress defense pathways.

Our Mission

is to provide growers with the means to increase crop yield and quality with easy to use, cost-effective and sustainable technologies.

Losses due to excess light, heat, cold, drought, and other factors cause significant reductions in the quality and quantity of crop yield.


Most people are surprised to learn that photosynthesis is reduced or stopped at temperatures of 30C (86F) and impaired at even lower temperatures. Even more surprising: yield losses can be as high as 75% under stress conditions.

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Abiotic Stress Impacts

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