Peas and Beans

In a recent Australian trial, Photon® treated peas and beans were healthier at harvest in comparison to those without the use of Photon. Photon showed to:


 • Decrease crop stress

 • Improve bean and pea color

 • Increase uniform bean color

 • Increase quality of both peas and beans

 • Increase pea length

 • Improve harvest timeline for peas - Photon treated peas were ready to harvest
   7 to 1- days earlier than untreated control peas.

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Apply Photon as directed during key growth stages (such as flowering, pod set, grain fill, etc.). Photon is a foliar spray, to be applied at 16 g/A or .6 oz/A.


Photon can be used on all crops at any time during the season. The product remains effective in the plant for several weeks to more than a month, after which it becomes inert. For best results, Photon should be used in a season long program to maintain protection against abiotic stress.


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