More about screen duo™


Screen™ Duo is an effective solution for reducing losses from sunburn and heat stress in crops.


Sunburnt fruit due to excess heat and light can reduce saleable yields by up to 50 percent, and average losses in some varieties are in the 20 percent range.


With Screen Duo’s innovative technology, growers can:


  • Reduce flower abortion

  • Maintain fruit set

  • Increase yield of red tomatoes

  • Increase Brix

  • Provide more uniform ripening

Treatment can also improve crop water status


By reducing canopy temperature, the amount of water used for cooling by evapotranspiration is reduced. See Water Savings for details on recent test results.

Application and Timing


for more detailed instructions.


Depending on application timing Screen Duo provides multiple benefits.


• Late applications at canopy collapse protect fruit from excess heat and

  light, reducing loss due to sunburn by 50 percent or more


• Low rate (5-10 kg/ha) application beginning at flowering provides

  improvements including reduction in flower abortion, fruit drop and

  increased yield.


• Season-long application at 5-10 kg/ha (lbs/A), beginning just prior to

  crop flowering requires continued applications to maintain a visible film

  on plants (about every 7 to 10 days).

For sunburn reduction:


Apply product at 50 kg/ha when fruit is half to two-thirds the final size, and repeat application at 35 kg/h to maintain coverage of expanding fruit, approximately every 14 days.


Apply in sufficient volume to provide complete coverage, but not to runoff.

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