Tomatoes, Peppers, Other Vegetables


Screen™ Duo is an effective solution for reducing losses from sunburn and heat stress in crops.


Screen Duo can:


  · Reduce flower abortion

  · Maintain fruit set

  · Increase yield of red tomatoes,

  · Increase Brix

  · Improve color development

  · Provide more uniform ripening

Sunburn especially is a major problem


after canopy collapse and when fruit are standing in the field at harvest

Season Long: Apply Screen™ Duo at 5-10 kg/ha (lbs/A) beginning just prior to crop flowering. Continue applications to maintain a visible film on the plants, about every seven to ten days. Screen™ Duo can be added to the tank with standard insecticide or fungicide applications.

Sunburn reduction: Apply Screen™ Duo at 50 kg/ha when fruit is about half to two-thirds final size. Repeat application at 25 kg/ha to maintain coverage of expanding fruit, approximately every 14 days. Ensure that fruit is well covered for greatest sunburn reduction.

Spray volumes: Apply in sufficient volume to provide complete coverage, but not to runoff. Screen™ Duo may be applied in a band over the row.

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Use Directions

Screen™ Duo treatment can also improve crop water status.


 See Water Savings for details.

Screen™ Duo and Vegetables: The Science


Screen Duo brings two modes of action to protecting crops from environmental stress.


 • Applications form a particle film that reflects damaging UV and infrared
   radiation and protects crops from damaging heat and radiation by allowing the
   right amount of visible light to reach plants. Through this process,
   photosynthesis is maintained longer.


 • Reduce photoinhibition and increase protective biochemistry by activating the
   crop's inherent protective mechanisms against damaging reactive oxygen
   species (ROX, free radicals). This leads to less cellular damage due to free


Through these modes of action, Screen Duo-treated crops yield success for growers by:


 • Maintaining more energy for crop growth – meaning larger fruit


 • Reducing permanent sunburn damage through temperature and light
   improving effects

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