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Citrus & Tropical Fruit Production

Tropical fruit plants are most susceptible to heat stress:

  • After planting
  • At flowering and fruit set
  • During early fruit development

Screen™ Duo can provide:

Use Screen Duo after transplant to accelerate tree establishment. Screen™ Duo can protect flowers and fruit from dropping due to high temperatures (June drop). In addition, early Screen™ Duo applications support cell division, and therefore fruit size potential in tropical crops. In mango, Screen™ Duo applications have increased quality classes by 20% as well as increased yield.

Screen Duo used prior to the onset of hot conditions can significantly reduce stress at these critical growth stages, leading to improved plant development (earlier maturation), increased fruit retention and improved fruit quality (size, Brix, Brix/acid ratio, color and peel quality).

Oranges showing without protection

Use Directions

Sunburn: To reduce sunburn to citrus, mango or avocado fruit, apply Screen Duo before temperatures reach 30C and at 5kg/100 liters of water. Use the volume of water as determined by Tree/Row/Volume calculations (for details, click here).

  • Two or more applications may be required for complete coverage.
  • If applying more than a single application, make alternate applications
    in opposite directions. Make additional applications of 2.5kg/100 liters
    of water every 14-21 days or as necessary to maintain an adequate
    film on the fruit and particularly after heavy rain.

Heat Stress: To reduce heat stress in newly planted citrus, mango, and avocado, or during flowering and fruit set or early fruit development; apply Screen Duo at 5kg/100 liters of water prior to the onset of high temperatures.

  • Make additional applications of 2.5 kg/100 liters of water at 21-28 day intervals or as necessary to maintain a film throughout the period of heat.