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Crop Microclimate Management to patent powerful new stress relief technology

Building upon its PHOTON® foliar spray abiotic stress relief technology launched in 2015, the Crop Microclimate Management announces a patent-pending technology combining PHOTON with a second active that impacts a separate plant pathway.

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Recent News

PHOTON™ all natural with unique mode of action

A product aimed solely at reducing the impact of the environment on crop health is hitting the market this year. Photon is a natural foliar spray that Dr. Chuck Kupatt, Crop Microclimate Management (CMM) R & D Director, says features an enzyme that modifies the protein in the plant. With this new technology Kupatt says, “that protein regulates about 450 other proteins and enzymes in the plant. What we do is shift the state of that protein and it’s a stress-sensing molecule.”

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