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How Much Water Will I Save?

Particle film technology has been suggested as a tool to reduce crop water use, due to its kaolin-based films which can reduce leaf temperature and therefore transpiration.

Trials conducted in citrus, wine grapes, and apple in Australia during 2007- 2008 season provide an answer. Treated crops drew less water from the soil, so that measured values of water content is increased by 3 to 6.5 percent. Depending upon soil type and wind conditions, this could mean savings of up to 25 percent of water used.


Screen™ Duo – our effective solution for reducing crop loss -- reflects harmful UV, IR and excess visible light that results in higher leaf and canopy temperatures. Cooler crops use less water for transpiration.

Potential Water Use=

Net Radiation (UV, Visible, IR)

1 + Bowen Ratio (∆ Temperature, Humidity

An application of Screen Duo can reduce potential water use up to 40 percent. Plant physiologists use this formula to estimate crop water usage.

The Bowen Ratio is based upon the difference in temperature and humidity between the leaf and the air. As temperature drops, the number increases.

Screen Duo can reduce net radiation by 25-30 percent, and leaf temperatures by up to 8ºC. This predicts a reduction in net water use of 35-40 percent.

Additional Trials and Reports

Numerous other studies from California, Australia, South Africa, and other dry locations have shown improved water status in almonds, citrus, wine grapes and other crops from particle film applications.

A Screen Duo film can mean all the difference between a quality crop and poor crop, or even no crop at all.

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