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Crop Microclimate Management’s (CMM) technology focuses on two approaches to abiotic stress:

  • Avoidance – A physical barrier that reduces the deleterious effects of certain
    wavelengths of light on plant tissue.
  • Manipulation – Employing materials that activate specific enzyme systems.

Our products involve either approach, or take advantage of a combination of
the two.

All early developments planned will utilize materials that are currently considered to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and should be suitable for use in both organic and conventional cropping systems.

CMM SUBMITTED PATENTS for both the use and composition of combination products.

G3 COMPOUNDS - Paving the Way to Reduction of Heat, Light and Water Stresses

Trial results show that G3 compounds are effective against environmental stress. These naturally occurring compounds provide low cost options for improving yield of field and horticulture crops. They also allow for alternatives to existing “plant health” materials.

Our innovations with G3 compounds led to the creation of Photon ® – our latest foliar spray that reduces environmental stress and increases grower returns.

FUSION TECHNOLOGY™ - Protecting Crops From Heat and Radiation

CMM’s scientific advances have led to Fusion Technology, from which comes Screen ™ Duo – our application film that forms a particle film that protects crops from damaging heat and radiation.

Several variants on Screen Duo are under development, with the goal of providing films tailored to markets that experience challenging environmental conditions, such as higher rainfall or specific crops.

Trial results in apples, wine grapes, citrus, tomatoes, and peaches show reduced rates of Fusion Technology-based products are more effective for heat and light stress management than full rate particle film products, such as Screen ™ Duo or others.


Stimulating Stress-Coping Mechanisms

CMM identified several compounds that have demonstrated the ability to stimulate stress-coping mechanisms in plants.

Currently, there is data that it is possible to develop these and other compounds into reliable stress reducing tools for growers. In addition, our vision includes developing new yield-enhancing products with even greater efficacy than Screen ™ Duo or its variants.

These will be based on proprietary technology that utilizes chemical agents that direct plant biochemistry to take advantage of higher energy levels resulting from lower photoinhibition.


Select a specific crop below and learn how our innovative solutions can help reduce crop stress to environmental stressors.

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Citrus & Tropical Fruit Production

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