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Corn & Soybeans

Applications of Photon® applied to row crops such as corn and soybeans improve field yields by helping the crops fight off stress. In doing this, Photon:

  • Helps crops remain productive under adverse environmental conditions
    (heat, cold, drought, excess radiation and salinity)
  • Increases yield and quality of treated crops
  • Increases grower returns of treated crops


season-long protection from heat and chilling injury. Since it is not a pesticide and based on a defined blend of naturally occurring plant compounds, there are no resistant issues in the crop.

Use Directions

Apply Photon as directed during key growth stages (such as flowering, pod set, grain fill, etc.). Photon is a foliar spray, to be applied at 16 g/A or .6 oz/A.

Photon can be used on all crops at any time during the season. The product remains effective in the plant for several weeks to more than a month, after which it becomes inert. For best results, Photon should be used in a season long program to maintain protection against abiotic stress.

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