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Melons & Cucurbits

Melons and other cucurbits are susceptible to heat and moisture stress at several times in the production cycle. Critical times include:

  • Flowering
  • Fruit expansion
  • Sugar accumulation


after canopy collapse and when fruit are standing in the field at harvest

With its superior film, Screen™ Duo can provide:

  • Better sunburn reduction than traditional materials
    (such as diamateceous earth)
  • Higher yields
  • Larger melons
  • Increased Brix
  • More uniform harvest maturity


with most insecticides and fungicides to eliminate excess trips over the field.

Use Directions

Sunburn control: Apply Screen Duo at 50 kg/ha to melons in sufficient water to provide complete coverage of fruit. Make a second application of 50 kg/ha 7– 10 days. Be sure to make first application prior to canopy collapse. Make additional applications just prior to harvest if picked fruit will stand in the field prior to collection.

Season-long: Apply Screen Duo at 10 kg/ha following crop transplant. Continue to apply at 5 kg/ha at weekly intervals to cover new growth. Continue applications to just prior to harvest. Screen™ Duo can be tank-mixed with other crop protection products.

Screen™ Duo may be applied as a band over the row. Rates should be adjusted to the amount needed to provide adequate coverage in the band.